About us

RAIS3D is a Belgian start-up company active in 3D printing.

Our goal is to provide a high quality service to a wide variety of organisations and individuals, including architects, industrial designers, marketing managers, artists, designers, individuals ...

With the use of the latest technology, RAIS3D can print parts (models, prototypes, pre-production, unique objects of complex shape, ...) up to 1.3 m³ in record time, with a much lower cost than conventional methods.

Based on a 3D file or even 2D plans or drawings, RAIS3D is able to design a printable model of your project and deliver it to your home in a record time and with a high quality standards.


Reach us


+32 494 885 392

6060 Charleroi

Impasse du Gazomètre (batiment 1- volet 15)
Atelier de production (9h-18h)

1000 Brussels

Boulevard Emile Jacqmain
On Apointment